About Mr. Heating and Air

Great Company, Great Service, Great Value

Mr. Heating and Air is a family-owned and operated HVAC contractor, that has spanned three generations in the Greater Hickory, NC area. We service and install residential and commercial HVAC systems of all kinds utilizing metal ducts fabricated in our own shop.

We have a strong sense of pride in our company and the work we do. The many lifelong relationships forged through our business are a testament to the standards that it has upheld for 60 years. Honesty, respect, and a firm commitment to providing the best value for the customer are the core of our business.


The company was founded in 1948 by James "Tince" Richards, not long after his return from the Second World War. In the early years, he would build and install the heating system, the gutters, and the cabinetry in new homes. The business was known variously as James H. Richards Heating and Grace Chapel Tin Shop. In the 1960's, Tince's brother Jack Richards joined the company as the lead serviceman. Through the 1980's the company could be recognized by the distinctive Ford Rancheros that were used as company vehicles.

The second generation joined the company in the 1970s with the addition of Tince's son, Mike Richards Sr.. After graduating with a degree in accounting from Appalachian State University, Mike joined the company and took over the business side of things. Tince eventually retired in the late 1990s, but can still be found expertly fabricating sheet metal ducts at the age of 90. T.J. Williams, Mike Richards Sr.'s brother-in-law joined the company about the time Tince was retiring, and is currently the lead for installation.

The third generation, Mike Richards, Jr. has recently joined the company as well. Mike Richards Jr. graduated with a business degree from NC State University and spent several years working in Raleigh, NC in the fields of project management and business development before joining the company.

Looking to the future, the need for a more self-explanatory and market friendly name was obvious, since the company had long since spread well beyond the Grace Chapel area and the term "Tin Shop" had become old-fashioned. Enter "Mr. Heating and Air," a new name that helps better communicate our services. We love the new name and hope you do too!